Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more

SPAR Improves Efficiency and Achievement with Quantive Results

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SPAR supports over 2,000 independently owned and operated grocery stores in South Africa. SPAR brings a consistent, enjoyable, community-first shopping experience through high quality products and customer service.

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Every week you get into the habit of reviewing your goals, giving them a score, commenting on them, and moving on. You aren’t going to spend hours on this. It is two minutes and then it is done.

Solly Engelbrecht
National Logistics Executive, SPAR


SPAR operates under a “voluntary trading” approach and views its store owners as entrepreneurs. The SPAR Central Office Logistics Team, specifically, provides guidance and support to SPAR’s distribution centers.

The problem? They used a paper-based system for goal achievement, which made communicating goals and tracking outcomes nearly impossible across their 2,000+ store footprint. The team needed to improve their workflows while not overcomplicating an already hefty process.

After doing research, they discovered OKR methodology could do just that. 


Solly Engelbrecht, SPAR’s National Logistics Executive, began exploring tools to help with OKR implementation. He was looking to save resources with more efficient goal management and reporting, but struggled to find a simple, intuitive solution.

“I was looking for a straightforward way of applying OKRs, but most of the tools were either outrageously expensive or incredibly complex,” Engelbrecht explained. “Then I came across Quantive Results, (which) makes the OKR process simple, straightforward, and elegant.”

The SPAR team needed a solution flexible to their unique needs, without limiting them to a specific timeline. They found Quantive Results’ simultaneous planning cycles ability valuable, as they use annual objectives supported by quarterly key results.  

Quantive Results’ solution held true especially during the COVID. SPAR worked with a rotating group — one at home, one in the workplace social distancing. SPAR’s OKR process remained consistent because of Quantive Result’s asynchronous functionality. Goal reviewing and reporting in Quantive Results is designed for efficiency and flexibility, supporting the Central Office Logistics Team’s OKR process regardless of team location.


Quantive Results was a hit because of its ability to prioritize purposeful work. The SPAR team developed a routine through regular key result updates and Check-ins feature, enabling them to quickly update, track, and report on progress.  

The team enjoyed the comprehensive goal overviews and built-in context through Quantive Results’ confidence levels feature. “Confidence ratings give us a concise way to see how we are actually doing,” says Engelbrecht. They sort key results by confidence rating before their meetings, prioritizing goals and setting agendas in seconds.

The SPAR team saw significant improvements in goal achievement through team alignment and focus. Quantive Results enables teamwide accountability through frequent communication and transparency. “We have all agreed on our objectives, and every person reports and keeps goals front of mind. It is a quick and easy way to keep yourself on track.”

Improving workflows within their Central Office Logistics team is a clear extension of SPAR’s mission to ensure a consistent, enjoyable shopping experience. OKRs offer an efficient, seamless goal tracking and reporting framework, so their teams can continue to go the extra mile for their customers.

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