Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more

Custom insights for a Multinational Bank

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April 7, 2022

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To be agile at the division level, a major bank needed to understand the likelihood of OKRs being attained. This would enable them to better plan resource, anticipate disruption or failure of flagging initiatives, and to support the success of company objectives.

The challenge

OKR progress, the amount that each key result has moved towards its goal, is a useful indicator for judging what advances have been made up until a given date but lack expectations of future progress.

This company felt that confidence levels were the perfect solution for understanding the likely success of an initiative, but, when dealing with hundreds of OKRs across many divisions, it was challenging to quickly spot which were likely to stall or fail. This inability to efficiently find blockers to progress meant that it would often be too late to prevent OKR failure before it happened, wasting effort, money, and time.

The solution

Our Technical Success team, in regular consultation with the customer, created a brand-new Insightboard which illustrated how each team’s Key Result confidence levels (Paused, Blocked, Lagging etc.) were distributed, alongside the current progress. This dashboard yielded insights not only on their current performance, but also predicted future success, and enabled management to swiftly identify any red flags and intervene as required.

Moreover, by including the number of key results by team, it was possible to identify which departments had too many or too few OKRs and whether employees were following this bank’s particular methodology on key results ownership.

The outcome

Our solution enabled the company to react quickly to sudden changes in confidence or progress, have more effective OKR planning cycles, and reassured their employees that managers were actively engaged with capacity management and prevention of staff burnout. This new proactive approach reduced risks, increased completion of initiatives, and improved the overall well-being of employees.

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