Modernize your strategy management with Quantive StrategyAI - now generally available.Read the blog to learn more
Modernize your strategy management with Quantive StrategyAI - now generally available.Read the blog to learn more

Become a change-maker with Quantive StrategyAI

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July 1, 2024

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Quantive StrategyAI: Now Generally Available 

Remember the frustration you felt when your carefully crafted strategy became outdated before it was even implemented? The business world moves fast, and traditional approaches to strategy management often struggle to keep pace. 

That's why we're thrilled to announce the general availability of Quantive StrategyAI, your AI-powered strategy management platform, designed to empower businesses with the agility needed to thrive in today's dynamic environment. 

Co-innovating with leaders like you

Over the past five months, we haven't been sitting on our laurels. We've been busy collaborating and co-creating with over 60 business leaders from various industries like finance, telecom, media, and automotive. This collaboration has been instrumental in further evolving Quantive StrategyAI into a powerful platform that addresses the very real challenges businesses face.  

The strategy-execution gap

As the Global State of Strategy Report highlights, only 10% of businesses can effectively adapt to market changes. Traditional strategy management, with its static documents and lengthy cycles, simply can't keep up.  Business leaders are constantly asking: 

  • What matters now? 
  • What can we safely disregard? 
  • Should we adjust our initiatives? 
  • Are we allocating resources effectively? 

These are critical questions that demand real-time answers. They can’t wait for the next planning session. 


Enter Quantive StrategyAI

 Quantive StrategyAI tackles the strategy-execution gap head-on. It's an AI-powered platform that transforms strategy management into a dynamic, agile process. Here's how it helps: 

Smarter, faster decisions: Make data-driven strategic choices that translate into clear plans. Quantive StrategyAI empowers you to identify opportunities and navigate challenges with confidence. 

Focused execution: Align your organization around strategic goals, eliminate silos, and ensure everyone is working in unison. 

Dynamic and unified reporting: Gain real-time insights into your progress and performance. See what's working, what's not, and make adjustments as needed to optimize your strategy.  

With Quantive StrategyAI, you can finally plan, execute, and adapt at the speed of change, movinge beyond static documents, set plans, and periodic reports. Quantive StrategyAI helps you create actionable plans, activate strategic initiatives across your organization, and continuously adapt based on new information. 


Innovating to modernize strategy management

Quantive StrategyAI delivers strategic agility through a powerful combination of: 

  • AI: Harness the power of artificial intelligence to help you analyze vast amounts of data, identify trends, and surface insights that would be difficult to see with the human eye. 
  • Data connectivity: Connect your data sources seamlessly with over 160 integrations to ensure you have a complete picture of your business. 
  • Digital collaboration: Ensure everyone involved in the strategic process can work together effectively by breaking down silos and fostering cross-functional collaboration. 

The combination of these technologies becomes a substantial asset in real-life scenarios. 

Need to turn your strategy documents into a concrete plan? 

Gone are the days of lengthy strategy workshops and weeks spent translating plans into action. Quantive StrategyAI transforms your strategy documents into actionable plans in minutes, not months. With digital collaboration at its core, Quantive StrategyAI fosters transparency and empowers teams to understand their roles in achieving strategic goals.  

 Have a great plan in motion but need to know if adjustments are necessary? 

Quantive StrategyAI doesn't stop once your plan is set in motion. Real-time reporting provides clear visibility into your progress: You can see which KPIs are on track, identify potential roadblocks, and understand how resources are impacting your goals.  

Looking to adapt your strategy based on new data? 

 No problem! Quantive StrategyAI analyzes the context through proven strategic frameworks. It suggests areas to explore, risks to consider, and possible opportunities. You can also invite others to contribute to your strategic analysis so that all the knowledge you need is there at your fingertips. 

And when you feel that you have all the strategic insights you need, it helps you build a plan to adapt to the changes, collaboratively with your peers so that everyone is aligned. 

Quantive StrategyAI allows you to embrace a strategy model that continually adapts and learns from your ongoing operations, allowing you to refine your direction for maximum impact. And this adaptability is critical for competitive success. Studies show that businesses that adapt their strategies in response to real-time data achieve a higher success rate (68%) in meeting strategic goals compared to those that don't (59%). 

The future of strategy management 

Our commitment to innovation never stops. We're excited to announce the exclusive access release of two new modules as part of our Quantive StrategyAI Platinum Plan: 

Get on-demand insights to your natural language questions: This module empowers anyone in your organization to ask questions about your data in a conversational way, receiving instant answers to unlock valuable strategic insights. 

Analyze the impact of workstreams on strategy: This module leverages AI to understand how resources and projects contribute to your KPIs and strategic goals, bringing transparency and helping you ensure that your resources are aligned with what matters most. 

Ready to modernize strategy management? 

We are. Quantive StrategyAI is more than just a platform — it's a catalyst for strategic agility. We invite you to explore its capabilities and see how it can transform the way your organization plans, executes, and adapts in today's fast-paced business environment.  

Visit the Quantive StrategyAI page to learn more and request a demo! 

PS: We're always looking for co-innovation partners.  If you're interested in collaborating with us to push the boundaries of strategic agility, reach out! 

Quantive empowers modern organizations to turn their ambitions into reality through strategic agility. It's where strategy, teams, and data come together to drive effective decision-making, streamline execution, and maximize performance.  

As your company navigates today’s competitive landscape, you need an Always-On Strategy to continuously bridge the gap between current and desired business outcomes. Quantive brings together the technology, expertise, and passion to transform your strategy from a static plan to a feedback-driven engine for growth.  

Whether you’re a visionary start-up, a mid-market business looking to conquer, or a large enterprise facing disruption, Quantive keeps you ahead — every step of the way. From OKR software to OKR consulting, we help you plan and meet your goals. For more information, visit

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