Modern Operating Model

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The Modern Operating Model brings your strategy, teams, and data together to help make decisions faster, optimize operations, and drive better business outcomes.

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Modern Operating Model


Many businesses are experiencing a disconnect

The need to coordinate multiple cross-enterprise strategic initiatives has highlighted the difference between the plans an organization creates and the outcomes they're looking to achieve.
 The rise in complexity of day-to-day operations and deep departmental data silos makes it increasingly difficult to detect and diagnose the issues that impact a business and its customers.

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The modern operating model

The best companies use a new model

Businesses today need a framework that makes strategy fluid and decentralizes execution to continuously align your organization. The Modern Operating Model puts the focus on execution and ensures data is accessible to create the best possible outcomes for your organization.

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The 6 superpowers of the Modern Operating Model

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Widely sharing the strategy and top priorities to ensure everyone in the organization is aligned on where they're going and how they'll get there.

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Hiring great people from top to bottom and pushing decision-making, execution, and accountability down in the organization.

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Outcome focused

Moving beyond opinions, egos, and activities to a focus on results and business impact as measured by agreed KPIs and key results.

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Ensuring everyone across the organization has an ongoing line of sight into the status and progress being made.

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Fast and agile

Establishing an operating cadence that allows the organization to manage fast and quickly adjust when needed.

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Encouraging a "test and iterate" mindset and having a learning system of regular retros and reviews.

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Strategy Execution

Quantive Results

Quantive helps your enterprise succeed by transforming to meet the requirements of the Modern Operating Model.

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Business Observability

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