Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more

Quantive Strategies

Make better strategic decisions, faster

Strategic decisions need to be made all the time. Quantive Strategies empowers leaders to swiftly craft and refine strategies, ensuring their business stays ahead of market changes.


Get an instant strategic assessment

No need to spend resources waiting on insights and high-priced scenario planning. Unveil real-time strategic analysis of your business with AI assistance.

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Context analysis

Get on-demand insights on your business's internal and external context to make strategic decisions.

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Strategy review

Securely connect then analyze previous strategic plans and their effectiveness to shape your business's future.


Strategic input

Compile inputs from diverse teams and systems for a complete analysis of your strategy to guide decisions.

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Gap identification

Uncover overlooked opportunities and critical improvements in your existing strategy.



Streamline strategy formulation

Quickly design a clear path to your goals moving you from reality to an ambitious future.


Strategy templates

Don't reinvent strategic frameworks. Stay ahead with pre-filled models to frame your decisions.


Executive answers

Never wait. Receive rapid responses to your complex questions to make fast and effective decisions.

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Digital collaboration

Strategy is never done in isolation. Collaborate digitally with others to craft or to action strategic plans.

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Decision hub

Keep track of the why. Effortlessly capture crucial insights and reasons behind decisions.


Defy risks and avoid the cost of strategic failures

Remain vigilant and forecast potential pitfalls, creating mitigation plans that won’t lead to unaccounted-for risks.


Risk detection

Use AI-powered binoculars to spot potential threats to your strategies from a mile away.


Contingency plans

Safeguard your business with preemptive mitigation plans to minimize risks.


Scenario evaluation

Evaluate scenarios and associated outcomes with a virtual model of your strategy.


Risk assessment

Pin a numeric threat level to risks, outlining their likelihood and potential severity.

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Empower swift strategy activation

Your 100-page strategy document doesn’t cascade to measurable activities. Quickly launch communication and execution plans that turn your strategy into results within days.


Actionable next steps

Convert vision into detailed objectives and key results (OKRs) to accelerate implementation.

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Strategy summaries

Efficiently share your strategy across your business with easy-to-understand summary documents.


Decision management

Keep your strategy information neat and under one roof to be easily referenced when needed.


Effective activation

Share your strategy with relevant stakeholders in a collaborative whiteboard to create alignment.

How Quantive Strategies Helps


Create an agile strategy

Quantive Strategies accelerates decision-making and automatically connects strategies to execution plans, so you can plan for the long term and pivot with consistency when needed.


Resolve strategy divergence

Quantive Strategies helps you keep everyone clear about your top-level strategy and ensure that sub-strategies also stay aligned, so that you can adapt consistently to the evolving realities of your market and your operations.


Decide how to expand next

Utilize AI-driven analysis, scenario planning, and suggestions based on your strategic context, so that you can make informed decisions on the best path to unlock new areas of growth for your business.

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Navigate radical changes

Quantive Strategies delivers rapid yet comprehensive analysis of your strategic context to provide clarity early on what changes matter and what to do next, so that you can make the strategic pivots that matter.

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Why choose Quantive Strategies?


Embrace agility

Create strategies that are flexible and poised to withstand disruptive forces.


Realize value faster

Leverage AI to reduce the time needed to make strategic decisions and implement plans faster.

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Decide faster

Make your next move faster based on real-time assessments you can trust.


Repel strategy failures

Avoid the costs of missteps thanks to proactive risk identification and mitigation.


Drive engagement

Instill confidence and focus on strategy with unified efforts across your organization.

Quantive Strategies Pricing

Contact us to get custom pricing designed to fit your business needs.