Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more

Know where you're headed with Quantive Signals

The AI-powered solution helps evaluate your strategy, delivering insights, forecasts, and intelligence for unparalleled strategy performance transparency.


Better understand how your organization will perform against strategic goals

Tap into domain-specific machine learning to evaluate progress, forecast performance to anticipate successes, and strategically align the course of progress.

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Forecast OKR progress​

Don’t just understand where your business is now — see the trajectory and destination of your strategy.


Confidence overview​

Balance your forecasted outcomes with your employee's confidence levels.​


Engagement insights​

Assess how engaged your teams are in delivering your strategic plan.

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Uncover strategy success enablers and blockers

Receive AI-powered analysis of your strategic progress and critical business KPIs, helping you make informed strategic pivots to stay on top.


Key drivers

Zero in on what's contributing to strategic goals and influencing your critical KPIs.


Impact discovery

Discover the impact of strategic changes on your business’ KPIs.


Risk assessment​

AI insights reveal the risk levels linked to achieving certain strategic objectives.


Realign your organization for strategic execution

Uncover the actions needed to quicken progress, remove roadblocks, and steer the organization toward intended strategic outcomes.

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Birdseye organization view​

Get clearer visibility into parts of the organization struggling to achieve their strategic goals.


Goal clarity

Identify which goals are proceeding smoothly and which are at risk for better course correction.

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Improvement suggestions​

Make instant, informed decisions with actionable AI-driven suggestions for improving strategic outcomes.

Quantive Signals pricing

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