Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more

Announcing Quantive Singularity – Strategic Predictions at Your Fingertips

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April 27, 2023

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In today's fiercely competitive market, there’s no room for hesitant decisions.

Companies need to balance quick adaptation, delivering ambitious results, and excellent strategy execution. To make this happen, senior executives must be masterful at making snapshot critical decisions to continuously improve their organization's trajectory.

When it comes to directing an organization with pace and decisiveness, there’s no time to waste. Senior leaders require accurate, timely analysis and forecasting to focus on impactful issues, allocate high-value growth opportunities, and avoid losing strategic potential.

70% of senior leaders say that most or all their companies’ strategic decisions are data-driven. 

S&P Global

Too much data, all backward-looking

But more data isn’t always better. There are three main challenges that inhibit forecasting strategy realization, taking snapshot actions, and ultimately, improving outcomes for companies today:

Challenge 1

Executives don’t have the right solutions to help them dynamically direct their strategy execution and focus on a precise analysis of their organization’s performance against its strategic goals.

Challenge 2

With the overwhelming volume of data generated worldwide, leaders struggle to identify the most critical data points and easily lose sight of the big picture which results in poor insights that inhibit strategic focus.

Challenge 3

Most intelligent dashboards and insights available today focus on pre-curated KPIs. These lagging indicators don’t reflect how the business is set to perform against its strategic goals.

Introducing Quantive Singularity

At Quantive, we saw an opportunity to enable companies to make better informed decisions to achieve their strategic goals. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Quantive Singularity, an AI-powered platform for making faster, more informed decisions based on accurate forecasts and intelligent analysis.  

Product screenshot of Quantive's Organization Overview, highlighting vital KPIs and progress metrics

With Quantive Singularity, senior leaders have access to intelligent analysis and forecasts at their fingertips, in real time, helping them direct their organization to achieve more. Quantive Singularity is the strategic intelligence platform that informs active, outcome-changing decision making.

From forecasting to revealing to recommending next steps

Forecasting is essential to any business, as it helps you understand where you stand and where you’re headed in realizing your strategic objectives.  

Product screenshot of Quantive's Progress Index Score in the Singularity platform, highlighting total progress and forecasted progress metrics

Quantive Singularity uses domain-specific machine learning to forecast how your organization will perform against its goals to anticipate successes and course-correct misses with precision, so you never get blindsided.  

In addition to forecasting, Quantive Singularity provides AI-powered analysis of your strategic progress and critical business KPIs. Now, you can make informed decisions and adjust strategies as needed to ensure continuous goal achievement in your organization.

Product screenshot of various KPIs displayed in list view from Quantive's platform

Finally, Quantive Singularity is your guide, intelligently uncovering the actions you need to take to accelerate progress, remove blockers, and align your organization to strategic outcomes. You can keep your organization moving forward and achieving its objectives, regardless of any challenges you may face.

Better decisions, better outcomes, faster

With Quantive Singularity, say goodbye to impulsive decision making, wasting resources to solve the wrong problems, and highly visible strategic misses. Predict your future business performance against the strategic plan and actively shape your outcomes.  

Direct your organization with confidence through better, faster decision making — it’s all in your power with Quantive Singularity.

Ready to achieve the best possible? Contact us to find out more about Quantive Singularity.

Quantive is your bridge between strategy and execution. Founded on the objectives and key results (OKR) methodology, our Strategy Execution Platform is where businesses plan successful strategy, focus and align teams to it, and stay on the leading edge of progress. 

As your company looks to achieve the best possible results, you need a modern approach to run your business and change your business. The Modern Operating Model brings strategy, teams, and data together to help make decisions faster, optimize operations, and drive better business outcomes. 

Whether you’re a large enterprise facing competitive disruption or a small business leading the innovative charge, Quantive helps get you where you want to go. 

Ready to achieve the best possible? Start using Quantive for free. 

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