Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more

Chargebee Adopts the OKR Framework to Sustain their Future

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Chargebee is a leading SaaS billing and revenue management provider, powering some of the fastest-growing software and subscription-based businesses in the world.

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The Quantive platform helps us create and embed OKRs while developing greater collaboration, which is a core element of our business.

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Lavanya Gopinath
Director of Operations, Chargebee


As a leading SaaS billing and revenue management, Chargebee has grown rapidly over the past few years and is valued at $1.4 billion with more than 3,000 global customers. While the company had goal-setting mechanisms in place, there was a lack of awareness around the process and many teams were working in isolation. The company needed a rigorous yet simple change management solution.

Chargebee was ready to adopt OKRs as a more disciplined, process-driven approach to goal management, but did not have the right structures to embrace and implement them. They also didn’t know how to create buy-in for their skeptical employees. 

Chargebee knew they needed to make their goals more visible across the entire organization, drive greater collaboration, and meet the need for change management — especially in the face of the pandemic and accelerating digital transformation


Chargebee identified Quantive as the ideal solution for carefully and intentionally rolling out OKRs to their entire organization.

To create buy-in, the company used Quantive Results to identify priorities and educate teams on the concept and purpose of OKRs. With encouragement, patience, and regular coaching from Quantive partner AuxinOKRs, Chargebee was able to establish an OKR culture.

With Quantive Results, Chargebee leaders developed effective OKRs and embedded them into the company’s existing workflow — using Insightboards to identify what to focus on, Whiteboards for brainstorming and collaboration, and the OKR design score for feedback. 


Since implementing OKRs with Quantive Results, Chargebee has identified three key positive outcomes and areas of cultural change.

  • Clarity and consistency: Relative to company goals, employees are clear about where they can contribute to help achieve company objectives
  • Transparency: Company vision and key goals are communicated and accessible to everyone
  • Focus in a disciplined framework: Focus puts positive constraints on the company’s operations, encouraging everyone to meet regularly, collaborate toward common objectives, and consistently hit targets.

Today, the company benefits from growing digital transformation and sees rapid growth opportunities over the next five years. 

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