BaseKit Uses OKRs to Provide Clear Direction Company-wide

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BaseKit is an effortless e-commerce, bookings, and website software for startups and micro businesses.

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Quantive gives the clarity and structure across the entire business to ensure everybody understands what the company is trying to achieve and how all of the teams and individuals are able to contribute to this every day they come into the office.

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Simon Best
CEO, BaseKit


From a starting team of three, BaseKit has grown into a thriving company of almost fifty team members over the last few years. While they had the right people in place and believed every team member was helping make the company successful, BaseKit was struggling to get everyone on the same page.

The company was lacking a clear company-wide vision that could align their growing team. Without goal transparency, BaseKit employees were misaligned, uncertain of direction, and working in silos. They needed a solution that would help bring clarity to their workforce.


BaseKit turned to OKRs to help them clarify goals across the business and empower their team to drive their mission forward. They wanted a powerful, yet lightweight OKR software to help streamline both deployment and management of their company OKRs. After a product demonstration, BaseKit leaders chose to implement Quantive Results across their business.

BaseKit uses Quantive Results to map out the alignment from company to team to individual objectives in a way that's clear and obvious for all employees. With Quantive rolled out to their team, BaseKit now has clarity and structure across the entire business to ensure everybody understands what the company is trying to achieve and how teams and individuals contribute to the company goals every day.


After implementing Quantive, BaseKit has driven better staff engagement and empowerment by providing clear direction without killing creativity. With better transparency, the company has been able to better identify, define, and communicate critical objectives to teams and individuals across the business to ensure everyone understands the relevance of their contributions. 

In addition, using Quantive enabled common goals between teams to be highlighted, which further encouraged BaseKit’s culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovation — ultimately increasing effectiveness. 

Quantive is your bridge between strategy and execution. Founded on the objectives and key results (OKR) methodology, our Strategy Execution Platform is where businesses plan successful strategy, focus and align teams to it, and stay on the leading edge of progress.

As your company looks to achieve the best possible results, you need a modern approach to run your business and change your business. The Modern Operating Model brings strategy, teams, and data together to help make decisions faster, optimize operations, and drive better business outcomes.

Whether you’re a large enterprise facing competitive disruption or a small business leading the innovative charge, Quantive helps gets you where you want to go.

Ready to achieve the best possible? Start using Quantive for free.

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