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Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more

Plastchim-T Increases Profits while Boosting Engagement

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Plastchim-T is a leading European manufacturer of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and Cast Polypropylene (CPP) films and flexible packaging products. It’s the first company in the world to install an innovative BOPЕ / BOPP Brückner hybrid line that produces 100% recyclable product.

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The most important thing is to be patient and not give up, because the system works and your success is certain. Frankly speaking, today we cannot imagine OKRs without Quantive.

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Milena Milanova
Manager Financial Efficiency and OKR Champion, Plastchim-T AD


At Plastchim-T, leaders from different departments are responsible for critical processes in the company and they use their knowledge and skills to create models to see where they need to focus and make improvements.

They wanted a collaborative method to improve all aspects of the business, from organizing their work process to maximizing Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) through sales and product quality. They were looking for a solution that would enable everyone in the company to easily and independently create, update, and review their goals.


To achieve this cross-departmental improvement, Plastchim-T turned to OKRs. They wanted a software that would support their team in learning to structure their OKRs and help them through the change management that comes with implementing a new methodology.  

Plastchim-T chose Quantive Results software because of the many supportive features that would help them achieve their goals as an organization. For instance, the company uses the Tasks feature within the platform to update their OKRs ahead of their weekly review. This allows their leadership team to save time and work in a completely new way to achieve better operational efficiency.

In addition, Plastchim-T uses Alignment View, automatic updates, data integrations, badges, and OKR design scoring which helps make Quantive part of their day-to-day work.  

Using Quantive Results, Plastchim-T found ways to effectively implement their OKRs based on what they wanted to achieve in the organization. With the ability to present specific figures for all major objectives, employees began to see how they contribute to the overall performance of the company. 


After implementing OKRs with Quantive, Plastchim-T has reported a 9-digit turnover increase and significant increase in profits in the span of 2 years. Since June 2020, they experienced their highest production efficiency, which involves many different processes — including performance optimization, availability of machines, and quality control. 

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