Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more

Goodlord Establishes an Engaging OKR Rhythm

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Goodlord offers a cloud-based software to help estate agents, landlords, and tenants manage the rental process and keep up with the evolving industry.

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The real game changer for us was the way in which Quantive allowed us to link OKRs directly to our live business metrics.

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Markel Palmstierna
Director of Operations, Goodlord


With strong product adoption early on, Goodlord grew rapidly to several hundred customers in under two years. Yet as the company grew, it became harder and harder to set goals, share information, and get everyone aligned to contribute in the best way.

The company needed a better goal management process that would help everyone on their team remain focused and engaged.


As an ex-Google employee, Goodlord’s Director of Operations Markel Palmstierna was very familiar with the OKR process. He knew the goal management methodology would be great for the business, but he wanted to avoid the most common pitfalls, including lack of transparency, failing to keep OKRs updated, and not linking OKRs to KPIs.  

The Goodlord team brought in Quantive to help them manage the process. The company found Quantive Results to be both the structural and cultural fit they needed to help manage OKRS in real time and track live business performance data. 


A few months in, the Goodlord team established an OKR rhythm using Quantive Results. The company now tracks dozens of performance metrics in real-time across every function, including information about customers, sales, marketing, support, and payments. Teams identify and rectify issues while they occur, rather than reviewing what happened at the end of each quarter.

Quantive also enabled Goodlord to build clarity and alignment for teams by helping them commit to their OKRs, log progress automatically, and identify shared goals and benchmarks throughout the company. With their foundation set, Goodlord intends to expand their use of OKRs and data tracking to set goals for the future. 

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