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Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more

The Full Picture Is Now In View: Quantive Acquires Cliff.ai

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June 22, 2022

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Cliff asquisition

In today's business climate, modern enterprises must continuously execute a strategic vision while maintaining operational excellence to achieve the best possible results. Unfortunately, there’s been a missing link between the data and insights used to inform and improve decision-making. Until now.  

To help bring it all together, Quantive is excited to announce the acquisition of Cliff.ai (Greendeck Technologies, Ltd.), a UK-based operational intelligence software provider that uses machine learning to help business and operations teams track and analyze abnormal changes in the performance of KPIs.  

With this acquisition, Quantive will accelerate its vision of helping companies achieve better results through improved alignment, visibility, and execution of their strategic and operational priorities.

Why Quantive's Cliff.ai acquisition is better for businesses

Quantive has built the leading platform for strategy execution with a core focus on data in everything we do. At the end of the day, you need to know what's working and what's not. And you need to know when to adapt and where to shift your focus. 

Quantive's CEO Ivan Osmak puts it this way: 

"The truth is that effective strategic execution can't exist without operational excellence. Both are necessary for companies to achieve the best possible results, and both have data and insights at their core. This is why KPIs are a key component of our platform and why we've been interested in the operational intelligence space for some time now. By acquiring Cliff.ai, we can now offer an active monitoring system that tracks metrics, changes, and opportunities to create truly reliable business operations for our enterprise clients." 

And by using powerful AI/ML technologies, Cliff.ai enables enterprises to track and analyze every aspect of their business without manual intervention to make quicker, more informed decisions. When combined, the two platforms enable companies to take command of their entire business — from strategic priorities to operational detail — and realize difference-making results.

What this means for our customers 

One of the big reasons we acquired Cliff.ai is because of how well their mission aligns with ours at Quantive. They help eliminate your dependency on the thousands of dashboards and reports within larger enterprises. Their Business Observability Platform plugs right into your existing data stack and automatically detects and intelligently diagnoses business performance issues when they arise. As a result, your business can move much faster when problems arise.  

Initially, we'll offer the Cliff.ai capabilities as a standalone product, and, when combined with Quantive, it provides the first truly comprehensive solution to ensure operational excellence while executing strategic priorities.   

In the future, the Cliff.ai machine learning capabilities will increase the value of the data analysis, correlation, and forecasting within Quantive's Strategy Execution Platform. It'll also serve as the basis for future product innovations. 

Join us for this exciting new chapter 

We're very excited about this next chapter of the Quantive journey and the potential value this will unlock for our enterprise customers. Stay tuned for more as our teams combine to bring you a better strategy execution platform. And if you’re ready to bring your company into the future of strategy execution, let’s talk.  

Quantive is your bridge between strategy and execution. Founded on the objectives and key results (OKR) methodology, our Strategy Execution Platform is where businesses plan successful strategy, focus and align teams to it, and stay on the leading edge of progress.

As your company looks to achieve the best possible results, you need a modern approach to run your business and change your business. The Modern Operating Model brings strategy, teams, and data together to help make decisions faster, optimize operations, and drive better business outcomes.

Whether you’re a large enterprise facing competitive disruption or a small business leading the innovative charge, Quantive helps get you where you want to go.

Ready to achieve the best possible? Start using Quantive for free.

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