Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more

Make better strategic decisions with Quantive Singularity

The AI-powered platform delivers insights, forecasts, and intelligence at your fingertips for better visibility across your business.​


Better understand how your organization will perform against strategic goals

Quantive Singularity uses domain-specific machine learning to forecast how your organization will perform to anticipate successes and course-correct misses with precision so you never get blindsided.

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Forecast OKR progress​

Don’t just see where the business is now — understand how it got there and where it will land.​


Confidence overview​

Balance your forecasted outcomes with your employee's confidence levels.​


Engagement insights​

Understand how engaged your teams are to achieving your strategic plan.​

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Uncover what's behind your company’s successes and challenges

Quantive Singularity provides AI-powered analysis of your strategic progress and critical business KPIs to help you make informed decisions and adjust strategies to ensure your organization stays on top.


Leading KPIs​

Focus on what’s really contributing to how your top business KPIs are trending.​


Lagging KPIs​

Discover the wider business impact of changes on a particular business KPI​.​


Risk assessment​

AI-powered analysis helps you understand the level of risks on achieving certain goals.


Steer your organization towards achieving its strategic goals​

Quantive Singularity helps businesses uncover the actions needed to accelerate progress, remove blockers, and align the organization to strategic outcomes.

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Birdseye organization view​

Get better visibility into what parts of the organization are struggling to achieve their strategic goals.​


Goal clarity

Understand what goals are progressing well and which ones are falling behind to better correct course.​

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Improvement suggestions​

Immediately know what to do next with AI-based suggested actions to improve outcomes.​

Quantive Singularity pricing

Contact us to get custom pricing designed to fit your needs and align with your business.