Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first strategic intelligence platformRead the blog to learn more

Bring your strategy to life with Quantive Results

Measure everything, improve what matters. Quantive Results enables companies to stay ahead of the competition by connecting their organization's data and people to a shared mission with a strategy execution platform.

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How Quantive Results helps



Misaligned teams waste efforts on duplicate work, hindering performance. Quantive Results fosters alignment around a unified mission, ensuring everyone understands how they contribute.



Focusing on activities instead of outcomes creates busywork. Quantive Results unlocks the power of OKRs, empowering teams to focus on results and push the boundaries to achieve more.

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Distrust and uncertainty hamper execution. Quantive Results integrates OKR progress and KPIs, providing real-time visibility empowering data-driven decisions to accelerate strategic goals.

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A strategy that isn’t part of everyone’s day-to-day is fast forgotten. Quantive Results embeds strategy and OKRs in the day-to-day and in your work systems to drives focus on strategic outcomes.

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For smaller teams and businesses who are either just getting started with OKRs or are moving from managing them in spreadsheets or project management software.

Popular features

  • Multi-level OKRs
  • Alignment view
  • Comments and reactions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Shared owners and collaborators
  • Mobile app
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For small to medium-sized teams and companies with well-established practices who are looking for a complete strategy execution solution with OKRs at the foundation.

Popular features 

  • Everything in Essentials 
  • Collaborative Whiteboards 
  • Project boards and tasks 
  • KPI dashboards 
  • Configurable OKR methodology
  • Check-ins 
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For larger teams and organizations that need more advanced and custom capabilities, including advanced security, control, workflows, and expert support.

Popular features

  • Everything in Scale
  • Process automation
  • Platform Intelligence (AI)
  • Benchmark reports
  • Full SAML SSO
  • Enhanced security
  • Account manager and services
Tailored to your needs

Why choose Quantive Results for Strategy Execution?

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We fit your business, not the other way around. All the right configurations to create your best possible execution, nothing more.

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Quantive Results integrates all your data to keep it nice, neat, and in sync so everyone in your organization knows the score.

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We embed strategic context and priorities into the daily flow of work. No wasted time pulling together the next big strategy presentation.

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From best practices and templates to education, services, and partnerships, Quantive Results has everything you need to succeed.

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We provide you with insights and easy-to-use reports to accelerate the execution of your strategy from performance, to KPIs, to results.

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With intelligence built-in, our platform assists you every step of the way to define and deploy more comprehensive business goals, faster, and execute them better.

Achieve your strategic goals. Take OKRs to the next level.

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