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We believe in building a software that brings the transformational power of OKRs beyond the corporate world. Quantive empowers organizations to create a world of good... for free.

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The purpose of Quantive Gives

Imagine if those who are working on the world’s most important challenges had the resources to accomplish their full potential? This is the reason behind Quantive Gives. From educational establishments to initiatives for a greener planet, if your cause aligns with what we support, Quantive Gives is yours for free.

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Causes we support

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Education for all

Quantive believes access to education is a critical human right and we support all educational establishments and organizations.

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Ethical use of data

We back organizations that aim to bring clarity to this emerging field and protect individuals from improper use of personal data.

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Diversity in STEM fields

We believe that diversity and representation of women and underrepresented individuals in any field, especially STEM, is crucial.

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A healthy planet

We support all organizations working to mitigate the human imprint on climate change.

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