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Koan has officially merged with Quantive. Get everything you love about Koan combined with the powerful features of Quantive.

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Why choose Quantive?

Quantive reaches beyond Koan’s capabilities to help businesses of all sizes manage growth, anticipate disruptions, and achieve operational excellence through OKRs. All the core features loved by Koan users, including Reflections, are further enhanced when combined with the advanced features in Quantive.

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Multi-level OKR alignment on Quantive's strategy execution platform

Key Quantive features

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Get Koan's most loved Reflections feature and even more capabilities with Quantive Check-ins.

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Goal management

Bring your OKRs into Quantive and take advantage of increased alignment, automation, and ownership possibilities.

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Go beyond goal Confidence Levels and get robust analytics and reporting functionality right out-of-the-box.

Koan, plus more

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Improved Reflections

Quantive's Check-ins will allow teams to align with regular Check-ins and noteworthy updates.

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Strategy execution

Help teams and individuals stay on track by creating alignment on top-level goals and showcasing how key activities contribute to company-wide success.

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Employee engagement

Drive consistent engagement across all employees with a single place to collaborate, discuss strategy, and align on the work being done.

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OKR management

Streamline processes and OKR management to save time, avoid unnecessary costs, and allocate resources to what creates the most value.

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Real-time data

Improve the decision-making process from reactive to proactive with OKR software that helps course-correct issues in advance with reliable data.

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Gain access to a complete knowledge base on adopting OKRs, including on-demand training, OKR consulting, and success services.

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Alignment view in OKR software


Current Koan customers

One-click migration is now available to get your Koan account data and teams working in Quantive. As an existing customer, you can continue to access your account and our help center, or contact our team with questions related to your Koan account.

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For existing Koan Free customers, login to your account to merge your information into our free Quantive Essentials plan. For existing Koan Pro customers, reach out to our team to get started.

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