Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more
Quantive launches the Dreams with Deadlines communityRead the blog to learn more

Quantive Consulting Services

World-class management consulting to support strategy execution, organizational performance, and change management.

Achieve the best possible

Quantive Consulting de-risks change management

Designed to help successfully navigate business transformation initiatives, Quantive's consulting services offer a holistic approach that addresses the unique people, process, and technology components of each organization.

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Take success to the next level

Quantive Consulting accelerates your success

By combining the best technology for strategy execution, business observability, and OKRs with world class consulting services, Quantive reduces the risk associated with change, accelerates time to value, and maximizes the impact of initiatives over time.

Core offerings for strategy execution

For customers using Quantive Results, our consulting team brings you the expertise, methodologies, and services to excel at strategy execution.


Change management

We provide companies with the methodology and support to help organizations embrace change to make their OKR and strategy execution programs successful.

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Program management

We use program management frameworks and hands-on support that have a proven track record of helping organizations achieve the right goals faster and more efficiently.



We work with organizations to help teams and key stakeholders become change agents with workshops and tailored ongoing coaching services.

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Framework alignment

We help combine the strengths of existing Scaled Agile frameworks with strategy execution and OKRs with our expertise in OKR and SAFe methodologies.

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Strategy realization

Our experts empower and guide executive leadership teams to create the strategic internal structure to ensure strategy execution delivers even in an environment of continuous change, disruption, and risk.

Core offerings for business observability

For customers using Quantive Signals, our consulting team partners with you to build the data practices to address business disruptions before they even emerge.


Data strategy

We help build the guiding plan that defines the data sources, connections, infrastructure, and workflows necessary to excel at observing your business operations.


Data engineering

We unlock data sources by connecting them through our existing or custom-built connectors to enrich the value you get from business observability.


Data excellence

We build expert data and analytics teams to deliver the business observability infrastructure that anticipates disruptions and addresses issues before they emerge.


Data governance

We help design internal standards and data policies that frame how data is gathered, stored, accessed processed, and disposed of to drive business growth, observability, and efficiency.

Our consulting leadership team

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Peter Kerr

Practice lead

Quantive Consulting

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Mark Richard

Practice lead

Quantive Consulting

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