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Quantive Results Ask Us Anything Live Demo

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Session 2 — August 3, 2023

Get a live demo of Quantive Results

Join our live demo to find out how Quantive Results can help you create focus and alignment with OKRs, embed Key Results and KPIs into the flow of work, and assess progress and adapt to changes.

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In this session, we'll cover:


How to create and align OKRs

Create focus and alignment around OKRs to ensure the measurements of success are clear.

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Using AI capabilities in strategy execution

Leverage AI in strategy execution from planning to assessing outcomes to adapting strategy.

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How to conduct OKR check-ins

Monitor progress to ensure goals stay on track or are addressed if they fall behind.


Reflecting on and resetting OKRs

Go from brainstorming to defining the strategy by publishing draft OKRs directly from Whiteboards.


How OKRs and KPIs work together

Combine OKRs and KPIs to set goals, measure performance, and determine success.


Reporting progress at every level

Review OKR progress in real-time to know how the company, teams, and individuals are performing.

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