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The 2023 OKR Guide

Learn how OKRs can turn your company strategy into a success. This guide breaks down the OKR framework and gives you access to templates, examples, and more to run OKRs at your business.

2023 OKR guide

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Achieve strategic team alignment element icon

Achieve strategic team alignment

Build purpose-driven and aligned teams that see how their work contributes to your company's objectives

Create transparency in business element icon

Create transparency in business

Facilitate a culture of company transparency so employees can adjust goals while supporting the work of others.

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Overcome lack of organizational focus

Help teams make better decisions, prioritize effectively, and reach targets by bringing focus to company strategy.

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Empower employee engagement

Inspire the innovation, strategic collaboration, and outcome-driven productivity that brings results.

In this guide, we cover:

What is an OKR? element icon

What is an OKR?

Understand the basics of OKRs and the essentials of the OKR methodology. This guide gives you everything you need to know about OKRs.

Why the OKR methodology? element icon

Why the OKR methodology?

Explore how to achieve team alignment, company transparency, strategic focus, and employee engagement through the goal-setting methodology of OKRs

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OKR examples

Get inspired with our real-life OKR examples. This guide is your cheat sheet for writing great objectives and key results.

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Implement OKRs using best practices

Follow our step-by-step guide to get started with OKRs. Use our OKR best practices to achieve company goals through strategic objectives.

Choose the right OKR platform element icon

Choose the right OKR platform

If you adopt OKRs, you need the right platform to scale and support your efforts to drive greater outcomes and business growth.

Common OKR mistakes element icon

Common OKR mistakes

Learn how to overcome the challenges and avoid mistakes that tend to happen in the OKR implementation process.

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