THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16th — 11:30 AM ET / 5:30 PM CET

Office Hours with Ben Lamorte – OKR 202

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Third Thursday of every month

What are Office Hours with Ben Lamorte and

In these highly interactive sessions, learn how to implement an OKR program, get an OKR program unstuck, and improve your skills so you can roll out your OKR program with confidence.

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In these monthly sessions, we'll cover:

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The best practices for OKR success

Get started with OKRs by learning the best practices to ensure OKR program success.

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How to use OKRs with your team

Learn how to connect OKRs to a longer-term mission and how to conduct a team mission exercise.


Connecting OKRs and other methodologies

Explore how OKRs work with other business practices like performance reviews and KPIs.


Creating and maintaining company goal alignment

Learn how to ensure OKRs are aligned and most OKRs are defined "bottom up".


The roles required to support an OKR program

Understand the nine roles in an OKR program from executive sponsor to OKR champion.

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How to conduct OKR training

Learn about the three types of OKR training workshops and what a training workshop agenda should include.

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