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How to implement OKRs from scratch

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In this guide, we cover:


What an OKR implementation looks like

Get expert insight into every step of the OKR process, from start to finish, and gain the know-how to make OKRs work for your organization.

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How to create the OKR culture shift

Don't let poor planning derail your OKR strategy. Get your teams excited and prepared for OKRs by levelling up your change management game.


How to prepare for the OKR cycle

Select your OKR champion, structure your OKR launch preparation, and learn the must-haves for a smooth OKR process.


The process of crafting and aligning OKRs

Your first set of OKRs may seem overwhelming, but we make creating and connecting them simple with best practices and guidelines.


The steps to launching and managing OKRs

Establish your OKR management cadence, keep your initiatives on track, and ensure the OKR methodology has a chance to stick.

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How to optimize and improve your OKR cycle

Learn efficient OKR measurement methods, plan your OKR retrospective, then iterate and scale through your next quarter’s OKRs.

Implement OKRs successfully

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