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The Need For Business Activity Monitoring  
The Quantive Solution
The Quantive Difference

Enterprises that have a real time transaction component to their businesses, have online transaction systems that feed transaction databases, and Business Intelligence systems that run reports against decision support databases which are periodically refreshed by the transaction systems. BAM addresses the need for actionable information as the transaction occurs, without having to wait for the decision support databases to be refreshed (days or weeks after the transaction has taken place).

BAM allows you to take advantage of opportunities or address problems in real time as critical business events occur. Quantive has produced a BAM solution that fits easily into your existing infrastructure of enterprise applications, and which allows you to quickly address your ever evolving needs for immediate and actionable business information.

Quantive Business Activity Monitoring

Quantive Business Activity Monitoring provides the tools you need for rapidly accessing and interpreting events across your business, allowing you to respond to the unique, dynamic needs of your enterprise. The essential components allow you to capture and analyze information and publish the results in appropriate formats – all in real time.


To capture real-time business data with the Quantive solution you simply attach a Windows Server running the Quantive Packeterm Capture Agent to a mirror port on the LAN switch which services the target business system. If your application system is distributed you simply attach a Quantive Capture Server with the Packeterm Capture Agent to a LAN switch for each system. Attaching the Quantive Capture Server to a mirror port on the LAN switch ensures that Packeterm will operate in the following manner:

  • Packeterm will see every business transaction that flows in and out of that application system.
  • Packeterm will place no load upon the application system itself, or upon its server and network resources.
  • Packeterm cannot place data onto your production network, ensuring your network’s security, performance and stability.

Business Transaction Analysis

Business Transaction Analysis is performance by the Quantive Inquisitor. The Inquisitor uses rules that you define to determine find packets that contain business transactions of interest. For example, an interesting packet might be a particular type of financial transaction that only certain people are authorized to invoke. Or it might be a transaction that notifies a freight carrier that a certain type of perishable product is awaiting shipment (and that carries penalties if delays occur).

A Quantive Inquisitor would typically be running on every server that is running a Quantive Packeterm Capture Agent, and would analyze the packets captured by that Packeterm Capture Agent.

Message Forwarding

The Quantive Solution supports global distributed enterprises with distributed applications and distributed databases. Packeterms and Inquisitors are attached to each distributed application system, and then the Medusa Messaging Agent forwards messages of interest to one or more Quantive applications running anywhere in the enterprise. The Medusa Messaging Agent ensures that you can implement a distributed Quantive Solution to monitor your critical business events with no disruption to your existing applications, networks and the policies that you use to manage them. It is the job of the Medusa Messaging Agent to forward messages of interest to whatever applications use them, and do in a manner consistent with your enterprise security policies.

Analyze, Publish and Alert

Since your business is unique with unique applications and unique business events, you need a unique and custom application to translate events of interest into actionable alerts, reports and dashboards. The Quantive Factory is a drag-and-drop application development environment that allows Business Analysts who understand the business impacts of your critical business events to quickly develop applications that translate these events into meaningful business information and actionable alerts.

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