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The Quantive Business Activity Monitoring Difference

The Quantive Solution
The Quantive Difference

Access Every Application On Your Network
Quantive Business Activity Monitoring provides direct access into your network transaction-based systems and captures information as application transactions occur. No application interface is necessary. This gives you the capability to utilize critical information that otherwise might be difficult, or even impossible, to access.

No Integration Software Required
Unlike many other BAM solutions, Quantive does not interface with your applications (requiring integration code), or make calls to your databases. By collecting its data directly from the network that serves your applications, Quantive can access the data from any and all applications that use your network. This includes applications that use TCP/IP as well as those using any other protocol.

No Load or Security Risk Imposed Upon Your Networks and Systems
Since Quantive Packeterm is attached to a mirror port on your LAN switch, the entire Quantive Solution is a passive, non-invasive and read-only system on your production network. This guarantees that no additional load is put on your network and your servers, and guarantees that the Quantive Solution will not interfere with the production transactions flowing across your network.

Distributed Enterprise Ready
Want to compare transactions in real time across two different applications on two different continents? The Quantive Solution is designed to elegantly handle all of the tough cases of applications that live in their own silos, protected by their own firewalls. The Medusa Messaging Agent automatically routes messages between capture agents and applications on each subnet, and can easily route appropriate messages across private WAN's and the Internet. The management facilities in the Quantive Solution are also designed for the distributed enterprise, allowing central administration of all Quantive applications from one point.

Rapid Solution Development and Maintenance
Quantive’s rapid development and deployment facility allows you to start realizing value almost instantly. This is in stark contrast with the traditional IT process for creating such solutions, which can take many months, if not years, to implement.

Record and Play Back Critical Business Transactions
It is often easy to see what should have been done in an unexpected business scenario after the fact. Quantive HindsightTM allows you to ”re-run” the event stream and extract and utilize the information you now know is critical. Only Quantive Business Activity Monitoring provides this capability.

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