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Overview - Quantive Business Activity Monitoring
Quantive Business Activity Monitoring provides:
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Real-time Information from Virtually Any Operational Area
The urgency with which decisions involving complex business issues must be made is increasing daily. Without all the relevant information at your disposal, making such decisions can be difficult – and sometimes very costly. It is essential for solid decision making that all relevant information be gathered, interpreted and presented in real time.

Quantive Business Activity Monitoring provides real-time access to performance indicators, database information, operational systems and other business functions, giving you the resources to assess any situation and react immediately. This saves valuable time as well as hard costs.

Access to Legacy Systems
Proprietary or legacy databases and operational systems can sometimes make it difficult to access the information you need. Quantive Business Activity Monitoring provides direct access into your network transaction-based systems. Information is captured as application transactions occur. No application interface is necessary. This gives you the capability to utilize critical information that otherwise might be difficult, or even impossible, to access.

Access to Your Information Sources on a Global, Real-time Basis
With multiple networks, systems and locations, it is a major challenge to gather and assess the information necessary to extract the most value possible from your business processes. Quantive Business Activity Monitoring provides this capability on a global, enterprise-wide level and distills the information so you can capitalize on current conditions to improve the speed and efficiency of your business operations.

The capability to analyze global system relationships and interactions in real time also helps you increase operational effectiveness. Quantive Business Activity Monitoring can identify critical operational events or sequences of events. Knowing about and taking advantage of these events increases their value to your business.

Hindsight™ Process to Enhance the Value of Events
When an unexpected business event occurs, it’s common to realize what information you should have captured and utilized. Quantive Hindsight™ allows you to ”re-run” the scenario and extract the information you now understand is critical. Only Quantive Business Activity Monitoring provides this capability.

Rapid Application Development to Respond to Changing Needs
With Quantive Business Activity Monitoring, you have the ability to create your own applications and monitor all aspects of your business as required. Most applications can be created without the need to involve either Quantive or your IT organization. Using a “drag and drop” interface, non-technical users can create solutions to monitor and analyze any part of your business.

Enterprise Administration Capability
With Quantive Business Activity Monitoring, you can control the entire system from any designated site or sites throughout your global enterprise. You can remotely create, distribute, commission, and manage applications and filters, placing them where they will be most valuable to your business.

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Overview - Quantive Business Activity Monitoring

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